Beautiful, young girls are required.

Age from 18 to 33 years old.

We offer favorable working conditions (50%), flexible work schedule, which is discussed individually with each girl. Calculation daily. Help with housing for nonresidents.

Tel. 093 055 85 44

We offer flexible working hours, housing in the center of Kiev, privacy and security 100%, no pledges, no fines, high salary from UAH 80,000 , payments daily.

What an erotic massage salon has to offer

Салон эротического массажа ДитаSome men confuse the concepts and believe that sexual massage necessarily includes sex with girls. But this is not at all the case, girls can only open you a new world of previously unknown sensations. Of course, in the course of erotic massage, sexual arousal inevitably occurs, since both the client and the masseuse are completely naked, but erotic massage does not include sexual contacts. This unusual service allows the client to get to know himself better, to feel his potential, being on the verge of sensual pleasure, this type of massage well raises the potency in men, contributes to a significant improvement in overall well-being and mood improvement.

Erotic massage in Kiev is a fairly new service, but now it is in great demand, many clients are showing interest in intimate massage. Each person is an individual world, we perceive information in different ways, we have different feelings. But attractive girls masseuses own a variety of techniques and technologies to give the client maximum pleasure so that he feels at the peak of voluptuous sensations.

A modern and pleasant erotic massage includes two stages. First, the masters of the Dita salon massage the back and legs; if you wish, you can add here a head massage and a sensual foot massage. At that moment, when your body is well massaged, and the muscles are warmed up, the second part of the massage comes, when the girls begin to touch your body with their naked bodies, their elastic bodies slide over your skin, causing a new wave of excitement. Young temptresses touch with their hands those parts of the body, touching which gives the most vivid and unforgettable sensations.
Having come to the Dita erotic massage salon in Kiev, you will forget about the problems of the present and will be able to thoroughly relax. Erotic massage for couples can be an excellent occasion for opening new horizons of sensuality in their relationships, teaching them how to fulfill their innermost and secret desires.

You can come as a couple and watch how your partner’s arousal increases during massage, this is really a good sexual experience, which will renew your feelings, let erotic fantasies flow out and bring a new stream into the relationship in a couple. After the end of the session, you will be given the opportunity to retire with your loved one in a separate room.

Erotic massage for single men is also a great opportunity to get pleasant sensations. At the same time, the prices for such an exotic service in Kiev are quite acceptable and all people with an average income can afford erotic massage.