Erotic Body massage in Lviv (salon Night Angels)

Body massage in Kiev

Боди массаж КиевBody massage is one of the types of erotic massage in our massage salon, which is performed by a girl with a naked body. The girl – masseuse smears her, as well as your body with oil, and at the sight of a beautiful erotic dance, she performs a massage with her body. In our massage salon, erotic massage is a whole complex, the first part of which is a classic general relaxing massage of the whole body, in which an excellent study of the entire muscle group takes place, starting with the toes and ending on the fingers. After that, the second – the erotic part of the body massage is performed.

Erotic body massage parts

Body massage is a cascade of new sensations that is light and sensual. You relax with an erotic massage. Your muscles naturally relax and your senses are heated to the limit. All this is brought about with the help of a painful, unhurried conduct of an abundance of caresses. It brings you to orgasm, an almost complete awakening with the erotic potential of your entire body. Forcing you to forget about worries and worries in the world around you, erotic massage Kiev will fill you with positive energy in a calm, unhurried rest, which brings special pleasure. Calm, unhurried movements, only occasionally becoming quick and teasing, all this makes the body massage extremely sensual.
Body massage is the most unique, interesting type of massage; it is a whole science of pleasure. The first evidence of body massage can be traced back to Ancient India, Japan and Ancient Greece. Then, people who did not have a stock of knowledge, nevertheless paid great attention to massage, considered it a health-improving way to treat ailments. On the walls of the caves in India were depicted the techniques of massage of the hands, chest and some other parts of the body. Ancient Indians got their knowledge about sexual experience from drawings. Japanese geisha became famous for the art of dance. Without touching the man, they, with light touches of their fingertips to their skin, aroused desire and drove him to a frenzy. To date, there are literary monuments of Ancient Greece, which also testify to the antiquity of erotic massage. Mythological legends tell the story of how Odysseus, having got to the goddess Circe, enjoyed a body massage while swimming in a marble pool.

How wives are raised in Kiev

If you suddenly find yourself in a situation where the family begins to experience psychological inconveniences, this absolutely real story will help you put everything in its place.

I have one close friend from school, Angelka, who shared this incredible truth. She has been living in Kiev with her husband Denis for seven years. Everything was fine until my husband brought a business card of an erotic salon in his pocket. My friend thought that she and her boss went to a strip bar, because “her husband will not do stupid things.” But she pricked up her ears, began to notice and look closely – changes in mood, smells, behavior and other symptoms of infidelity. But Denis is also not stupid, he began to squint a little, apparently felt distrust. A week of “espionage passions” has passed. Then Angelka took the business card, and so she asked her husband “what was it”. He, calm as a boa constrictor, took her by the hand and led her to the massage parlor!

They came to the salon, where they do body massage; Denis invites her to go to the procedure with him, says that body massage is what they both need. And my friend used to dance with a jacket, and her modesty has not slept for a long time, so she agreed without hesitation. Personally, I would at least ask you to look at it, because body massage is naked masseuses, somehow not very familiar. And if with her husband, who will look at these naked bodies … Although I’m not jealous: in Paris we went to the Crazy Horse cabaret, in Kiev – to a men’s club for a party, and there are a lot of these naked beauties. But Angelka and I were lucky with our husbands, they are loving and faithful.

As the saying goes, “In the meantime, in a massage parlor in Kiev” … Anzhelkin Denis made some jokes with the administrators, and took her to one of the rooms. They were followed by a short but beautiful brunette of about twenty-two, dressed in a classy silk suit. We went into a spacious room, her husband sends her to the shower first, and the masseuse follows! And then “it” began … As my friend said, they began to “lather and froth” her. It’s nice, says the fact that my husband actively took part in this, and did not sit and watch. But it wasn’t a body massage yet, as it turned out. After the masseuse washed her husband, which Angelka endured with gnashing of teeth, they were both laid on a huge bed. Then Angelka relaxed – a real, amazing relaxing massage began. While the husband was lying like a lazy cat and looked at all this, and then he came up and began to stroke her … The masseuse walked away for a while, and returned all shiny as candy. Yes, this is where the body massage began. To tell you what Angelka experienced, you need to show a lot and open your eyes wide, how she does it, in fact. Here’s what I understood: body massage is done with the whole body, but it’s not just fidgeting, but really massaging movements. At the same time, you like it or not, but you get excited! Well, you know, like during a run, it happens … Only here is all such a naked husband, and you are lying, covered with oil by a curvy girl, stubbornly eating you and her husband with a glance. In general, this is not a lap dance, not even close. Body massage, as Angelka said, rules!
A little later, Denis whispered something to the masseuse, and she, beaming, disappeared from the room for ten minutes. While she was away, Den began to give Angelka a body massage himself. And, you know, he brought it to a successful result, you scoundrel! Here the masseuse “swims in” with champagne and three glasses. They drank champagne, sat and talked, the masseuse told a little about erotic and body massage, that she learned it from a cool Thai craftswoman, whom the salon invited to Kiev. But, what do you think, then they began to do body erotic massage to Denis? But no! He did not even think to lie under this girl, shiny with fragrant oil, but calmly sent her out, giving some money in gratitude. He is not stingy if the business is worthwhile. Then both dressed slowly, ordered a taxi and drove home. In the taxi Angelka was silent, but at home she asked her husband a specific question: So, after all, it was ?! So he told her that he began to notice her alertness, understood where the legs of this problem were growing from. And he took the business card of the massage parlor from the boss to check her, Angelka, for jealousy. And, having checked, asked to give birth to his daughter. This is how wives are brought up in Kiev!