The cost of massage programs

1. Relaxing massage – 1000 UAH
2. VIP Massage – 1600 UAH
3. Crazy Girls – от 1900 UAH
4. Prostate massage (strapon) – 800 UAH (20-30 мин.)
5. Couples massage – 2100 UAH
6. Massage “Sweet kiss” – 1300 UAH
7. Madam – 1800 UAH
8. Hookah massage – 1250 UAH
9. Anti-stress massage – 1000 UAH
11. Swedish massage – 1000 UAH
12. Bliss – 1100 UAH
13. Massage for ladies – 1100 UAH
14. Tantric massage 1000 UAH

Massage supplements

1. “Stroke the pussy” – 600 UAH
2. “Foot fetish” – 600 UAH
3. “Sweet kiss” – 800 UAH
4. Peep show – 700 UAH

Departure to you is 100 UAH more expensive + taxi

What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage is about the interaction of male and female energies. Tantra is a secret science that asserts that the dense embrace of lovers is an exchange of subtle types of love. Love erotic massage Kiev is ideal for stimulating and circulating invisible energy. Having discovered the judgments of tantra, one can understand that the whole body is a single erogenous zone.

Relaxing erotic massage in Kiev relieves stress, anxiety and negative influences. This is a new cascade of light and sensory sensations, after which a second wind opens and peace of mind and physical comes. A leisurely massage technique, alternating with teasing touches, makes it unforgettable and inviting! During a session, there is no definite rigid framework for action. Only a world of fantasy and movement that is suggested by the heart.

For immersion in tantra, an appropriate setting is created: peace , silence or barely audible slow music, incense and candle flame. Erotic massage is a leisurely relaxation with pleasure. During the session, every movement of the partner is traced and this understanding brings blissful comfort. The massage is performed naked, with incredible aroma of oils and extracts applied to the body. The action begins with rubbing and stroking hands, feet, thighs and head. Hands slide with incredible softness up and down, covering every part of the intimate areas. In erotic massage, great attention is paid to endless caressing touches. The erogenous zones are slowly explored, forcing to awaken all the erotic potential. All senses are sharpened and every muscle, every muscle and completely the body relaxes. Consciousness accumulates erotic fantasies that permeate the body with a sexual charge and an unforgettable sensation of passion. During the session, the primary (intimate parts of the body) and secondary (cervical vertebrae, buttocks, inner thighs) erogenous zones are massaged. The movements are carried out clockwise and counterclockwise, thereby toning up the energy in the acupuncture zones. Erotic massage in Kiev does not concentrate arousal in the intimate area – it awakens passion throughout the body. Abundance of caresses, painful slowness of voluptuousness and awakened erotic potential make the partner forget about worries, worries and problems. The sweet climax saturates the body with a super-powerful energy charge and explosive pleasure!